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Lightweight Channel Ramps

Lightweight Channel Ramps

Lightweight Channel Ramps



These compact, lightweight and durable Telescopic Channel Ramps are ideal for providing access to houses and cars for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and rollators. Each 2-section, extending ramp is constructed from lightweight, rust-free aluminium and they are extremely portable and convenient to store. The ramps also feature top and bottom lips and a non-slip, black gritted surface for safety, with a load capacity of 180kg on both ramps. They also feature security locks to fix the ramps to either the folded or collapsed length.

  • Suitable for wheelchairs and scooters
  • Extremely easy to use and transport
  • Lightweight robust construction
  • Gritted surface for increased grip
  • Max load of 180kg on both ramps


Size 5 ft 7 ft
Width 189mm 195mm
Depth 40mm 50mm
Height 835mm 1210mm
Length (Collapsed) 835mm 1201mm
Length (Extended) 1520mm 2130mm
Maximum Load 180kg 180kg
Net weight 5.75kg 8kg
Product Dimensions (mm) 40x189x835 50x195x1210


Unit Price: £149.00 (£178.80 inc. VAT)
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