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Quickie Hula

Quickie Hula

Quickie Hula



The QUICKIE Hula combines excellent indoor maneuverability with impressive outdoor performance for a powered wheelchair in its class. Its true mid wheel drive position means it can literally turn on the spot, so it's the ideal indoor electric wheelchair for navigating around tight environments. The true mid wheel drive position also increases traction and stability and reduces sliding when the electric wheelchair is used outdoors.





Seat Width: 41, 43, 46, 48, 51 cm (Adjustable from 41 to 51 cm)
Seat Height: 45 cm / 47 cm (with 3º seat angle)
Seat Depth: 41, 43, 46, 48, 51 cm (Adjustable from 41 to 51 cm)
Backrest Height: Adj. 46, 48 and 51 cm (sling) 57 cm Comfort backrest
Armrest Height: Adj. from 22 to 31 cm
Overall Width: 63 cm
Overall Length: 97 cm - 105 cm (including legrests)
Frame: Rigid (non-folding)
Speed: 3 or 6 kph
Battery Size: 36 Ah
Max. Range: Approx. 18 km
Seat Tilt: Manual standard: adjustable to 0º/ 3º/ 6º
Back Recline: Manual standard: adjustable from -4º to 12º
Turning Radius: 115 cm
Max. Safe Slope:
Max Kerb Climb: 5 cm
Electronics: Command Control VR2
Min. Wheelchair Weight: 82 kg
Max. User Weight: 136 kg
Colours: Red


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£2495.00 (£2994.00 inc. VAT)