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Mackworth FlySpart Maxi (Bariatric Hoist)

Mackworth FlySpart Maxi (Bariatric Hoist)

Mackworth FlySpart Maxi (Bariatric Hoist)


FlySpart Maxi

Bariatric Hoist


The FlySpart Maxi has a robust steel frame, making it a cost efficient but powerful product, this latest development from Mackworth Healthcare can manage demographically challenging user weights up to and including that of 49 stone / 310kg. With sensible based dimensions for a Bariatric product of 119cm x 65cm, this hoist is easy to use in the narrowest of environments. Coupled with an electric leg opener, then you need not worry about the patient size, whilst enabling easy approach to wheelchairs and bed spaces.



Features Benefits
Weight limit of 49 stone / 310kg Suitable for safe use with heavier patients
Robust bariatric steel frame Ensures lifting confidence with even the heaviest of patients
Powered leg opener as standard Prevents any strain on the carer
Multiple Actuator Positions Provides various lifting height and weight capability
Digital Autonomy display (Battery) Enables quick reference to amount of battery charge
Strong but narrow base dimensions Enables access to tight spaces


£2999.00 (£3598.80 inc. VAT)